"A God's help - not a self help program"

Reformers Unanimous is a faith-based ministry for those trapped in addiction, offering new life in Christ as the only reality capable of setting captives free.

Reformers Unanimous is showing the way to freedom for those held in bondage by strongholds and addictions. RU ministers to addictions and strongholds of all types: illegal drugs, alcohol, prescription drugs, tobacco, gambling, bitterness, anger, depression, eating disorders, low self-esteem, domestic violence, and many others.

A structured curriculum, which is marked by completed "challenges," guides their progress and is designed to teach individuals the Biblical principles of prosperity.

Sustained victory is made possible by God's grace and enabling when surrendered lives are yielded to His purpose and life plan.

The program, which meets every Wednesday at 7 pm, is divided into three segments summarized by one word - "TALK." We talk to God (prayer and praise), we talk to each other (counsel circles), and we let God talk to us (Bible messages making God's Word plainly heard.)

The family atmosphere of Reformers Unanimous provides accountability partners and allows time for hearing one another's burdens. Classmates and leaders encourage each other to continue faithfully in their determination to find freedom in Christ, breaking their addiction. Reformers Unanimous works with both those addicted and their families in setting captives free. Childcare is offered, allowing both parents to attend the program.

For more information or confidential inquiries, please call 419.566.8667.

Calvary Baptist Church is the Shelby, Ohio chapter of Reformers Unanimous